Monday, May 2, 2011

Hi, did you miss me?

I'm sorry. I took the month of April off to prepare for the royal wedding. I had to get a passport, and have an appropriate dress and coat made, not to mention order a classically beautiful hat that wouldn't cause a lot of undo attention. A royal wedding is no place to wear a wacky topper that draws attention from the bride. This is the bride's day, and we should behave like the royals, and understand our place, and dress accordingly.

Oh, wait. According to Princess Beatrice, I can wear a large, flesh colored O with a fairy tale bow on it. And, according to Princess Eugenie, I can wear skintight Vivienne Westwood and a bespackled boat on my head. Lord, I love these girls. And I love Beatrice's Philip Treacy hat. I want that hat! I want to wear it to Wal-Mart on Sunday morning.

Also, I think we've all learned some important life lessons from Pippa, Cate's younger sister. First of all, I want to change my name to Pippa, because it just does not get anymore British than Pippa. Secondly, even if your sister is marrying the future monarch of England, and you get stuck carrying her train and dilly-dallying with tiny flower girls all day, you do it with great grace and charm and a ring of flowers on your head. No scowl will ever be caught on camera. You are a lady in waiting. No, really. That's her new job title: Lady in Waiting. I would have hissed at least once in the carriage.

Okay, in all honesty, I took April off from the blogosphere, because things got really busy, and I wasn't getting here as regularly as I would have liked. Sometimes, you have to give yourself a break, you know, and not try to do everything all the time. Someone should tell Victoria Beckham this, so that she would stop wearing eight inch platform heels in her third trimester. Man, the girl has some gams.

So, I'm back! What did I miss?


  1. As for me, you haven't missed much. I've been a bit lax about my blog but not because I'm swamped with orders or work. Maybe it's just a case of spring fever?

    Your post was a riot and so was the attire of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Wonder if these ladies even looked in their mirrors ? Well I guess even Royal functions have to have an element of humor to them. :D

  2. The guys over at TLO have dubbed Bea and Eugenie, "AbFab: The Next Generation." This made me laugh until I choded on coffee!

  3. Choked, not choded.
    I may have choded too.

  4. I "choded" through this whole article! Welcome back! We missed you.

  5. All those hats kept my attention. It was bizarre!

  6. Yes, I missed you! Sometimes it is good to take of #1. Welcome back!

  7. Welcome back! Beatrice's hat was a riot! The headwear certainly provided the world with some much needed entertainment. I loved Pippa's risque (for a royal wedding) dress! Not sure about the tan job though! ~Val

  8. It is so great to see you back, I missed you! :)

    I LOVE your post. Yep, those girls are such crack ups, being royal obviously excludes you from having to look vaguely normal at all.

    As, for Pippa, gorgeous, you know now she is her sister's Secretary/Admin and they get to spend all their time tog. and she gets paid for it too, not bad!

    Yep, we all have to take a break sometimes and of course for a royal wedding it takes a while to choose just the right get up :)

    I thought I saw you on some of the footage, was it you dancing in the fountain outside Buck House??? (He! He!)

    Oh, I was totally Gaga and not much "Lady" about the whole Royal Wedding, I have been watching ridiculous amounts of programmes about everything and anything relating to the Royal wedding.

    I guess, I should get back to cleaning the house and doing the dishes now :(

    Have a lovely evening, T. ;)