Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The absolute insanity of Extreme Couponing

Have you guys seen this show on TLC? I kinda came across it over the weekend, and thought it might be interesting to see how people save such impressive amounts of money using coupons. Then, I became afraid, very afraid. Why, you may ask? Lemmee break it down.
1. One lady bought 63 bottles of French's mustard. How long will it take her to actually use 63 bottles of French's mustard?
2. It took another lady over two hours just to check out. Can you imagine being behind her in line? I can't stand to be in a grocery store for two hours total, much less just checking out.
3. One lady spends six hours a day--A DAY--working on her coupons and shopping plans. Six hours. A day.
4. Yes, they buy a thousand dollars worth of groceries of eight cents, but they buy huge quantities of the same thing, so much so that I don't even see how it is practical.
5. All of these people have giant store rooms full of the stuff they have bought. Seventy bottles of laundry detergent. 120 bottles of body wash. And the 63 mustard lady. It frightened me. They have grocery stores in their basements, essentially.

In conclusion, I respect these people for saving money at the grocery. However, I think there are some serious hoarding tendencies here. Very detailed, organized, intimidating hoarding. More stuff than they can use before it goes bad. Rows and shelves and baskets of stuff. Is that really thrifty or practical?

63 bottles of mustard.



  1. Oh I agree! It absolutely is a form of hoarding. I think it's actually called Acquisition Hoarding and is tied in with shopping addiction. I'm all for saving money but when you need a separate room to store your horde, keep 400 rolls of toilet paper under your kids' bed or store enough diapers for a year and a half without actually having a baby, being married or pregnant then sisters' you have a problem!
    I honesty see no one needing to shop like this except for the Duggars or those Sister Wives people.
    And the lady who bought all that mustard has a husband who hates mustard so really why, just cause it was free?! OMG!
    And yet I can't stop watching. Sigh.

  2. That is crazy! I dislike shopping so much, I would be suicidal spending hours checking out my groceries. Crazy! CRAZY! (sometimes I'm so glad I don't have cable or satelite TV!)

  3. Oh, I forgot about the lady with all the diapers and no babies! Yipes!

  4. I completely agree! Also most of what they buy is junky sh@t. It still costs them for the fresh meat and veg which is alot of what the average family buys.