Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday morning

Oh, Saturday morning, how I have needed you all week. How lovely to get up, putter around, drink some coffee, do some little chores.
Turn on the repeat of Tabatha's Salon Takeover.
Kiss the kittens. Enjoy the sunshine coming through the window.
Not much to do for a couple of hours, except get ready to go to my mom's.
No rushing. No thinking of the sixty thousand things I need to get done. Yes, they're still there, but not this morning.
Sigh. . . delicious. Come over. I have coffee left.


  1. I have muffins, I'll be right over! ;0)

  2. Ah yes, Saturday our down time day, relax and recharge day. A day when we can sleep in and not have to shed our PJ's until noon...or later, if we feel like it. :) Hope you and sassypackrat had a lovely coffee klatch together with coffee and tasty muffins.